Thursday, January 04, 2007

The BIGresearch Consumer Intentions & Actions Survey Of Over 8,000 Consumers Surveyed From 12/5 to 12/13:

* 18.9% of consumers continue to worry about political and national security issues, down slightly from 20.2% last month.
* 40.8% of consumers declare they've become more practical in the last 6 months, down about a point from last month (41.6%) and almost full 5 points from last year (45.5%).
* And 50.2% of consumers still say they focus more on needs over wants in purchases, but fewer are doing so compared to last month (51.3%) and last year (55.2%)
* 32.7% of consumers contend they'll decrease overall spending in the next 3 months, a rise from 31.4% in November, but still less conservative compared to last year (35.2%). Pay down debt still the top financial plan at 36.7%, flat with last month. Increase savings (29.3%) and pay with cash more (22.6%) also level with November
* While the number of drivers impacted by fluctuating gas prices remains relatively stable from last month and last year at 70.6%, the rising average price at the pump is breeding a pessimistic outlook on future prices.

For more complete details in this report, please go to BIG here.

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