Thursday, January 18, 2007

Inside Radio's Mike Kinosian Scoops Me On Country's Hispanic Challenge

When I saw that A&O's longtime friends Charlie Cook, Programming VP of Cumulus, and Edison Research's Larry Rosin were undertaking a study of Hispanics and the country format to be presented at this year's CRS in Nashville, I noted it on this blog in a line or two and mentioned that I thought country's narrative storylines would probably prove to be a strong suit, but the format would need to enlarge its perspective beyond a few hundred miles around Music City and left it at that.

I am asking myself now, "Why didn't I call Charlie? Why didn't I interview Larry?" And, the answer HAS to be: because I could not have done a better job of it - including a terrific analysis of country station share trends - than Mike just did.

Before you go to CRS in Nashville, click here and print his report out. It's simply terrific, worth thinking about in light of the CRS '07 research project to come.

..The ONLY thing I don't like about it is that I regret that I didn't do it! And, on top of that, if I had done it, it could not have been any more thorough and objective than Mike's is!

Props (!!!) to Inside Radio and Mike Kinosian.

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Larry Rosin said...

We will have much more and even better info than Mike has – we have the actual numbers among Hispanics.

So, that will add a lot … plus our one-on-one interviews plus our survey plus census data too.

See you in Nashville.