Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Alyssa Lies Charts Top 10

Jason Michael Carroll tells Country Forever's Neil Haislop that every new success that song makes, makes him feel more vindicated that he held his ground when there was pressure for him to rewrite the song.
"They did. A couple people came to me and said, 'We wantyou to get with this writer, or that writer, and just try to fix it a littlebit.' And, it was exactly as it is today what everybody is listening to onthe radio." Jason Michael says he figures the reason for their concern was that the song was dark, without a happy ending. "So, finally I agreed to do it with one writer that I respected and I remember going into that session and five minutes before were to set down and start writing I said, 'Man I can't do this. This song is very important to me and it is what it is for a reason, I can't explain why but I don't think we need to touch it. I told him where I was coming from when I wrote it and he said, 'You know, I think you're right, we should just leave it alone."

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