Friday, January 05, 2007

Clear Channel vs ARB: Don't Believe Everything You Read

Is there REALLY "a long-running feud between Clear Channel Radio and Arbitron"?

Before concluding that the answer is "YES," I recommend you read all the way down to the very end of reporter Erik Sass' article on the topic:
"Industry insiders have speculated that the conflict between Arbitron and Clear Channel may simply be a cover for fierce price negotiations for ratings from the new measurement system--implying that an eventual adoption of PPM is likely. "


"Jeff Haley, the incoming president and CEO of the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), cited price negotiations as a likely cause of delay, but predicted industry-wide electronic measurement by the end of 2007."


Industry-wide? Hardly. Maybe some stations in two or three markets, yes, but industry-wide? I'd bet against THAT unless and until ARB gets realistic about their demands for 60% rate increases to get there.

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