Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cox Is Pro-Radio And Explains WHY

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Cox Radio is the largest pure-play radio company in the country, and that's a position the company plans on keeping, and advancing.

Because we don't have to worry about other media – cable, newspapers, etc., – our operations have one strategic philosophy: provide a good environment for radio advertisers to reach involved, loyal radio listeners. Across all our stations we are true to providing an excellent, consistent product that reflects our commitment to 1) limit the number of advertisements in a given time period and 2) provide a first-rate product on a technical basis. Cox advertisers are guaranteed that same product at every one of our stations. - Dick FergusonExecutive Vice President

Some today might call that philosophy quaint and old fashioned, but of course Cox Communications is in many other media businesses, so I'd say you have to admire the fact that their radio group heads are focused on their knitting, first and foremost.

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