Monday, August 14, 2006

Women Shoppers: Price Saving Beats Time Saving by 3 to 1

ShopSmart (from Consumer Reports) magazine finds that 76% of American women enjoy shopping, but one-third say the most stressful part is waiting in check out lines, followed closely by 29% stressed by interacting with salespeople.

The ShopSmart Opinion Poll reveals:
Shopping does have its travails. One-third say the most stressful part is waiting in check out lines followed closely by interacting with salespeople (29%).

The average woman, says the report, spends 385 hours annually shopping:

"Shoppers rely mostly on friends and family (45 percent) as trusted sources
for shopping and products to avoid buyer's remorse, while the least trusted
sources of shopping advice were sales people (39 percent), and advertising
(31%). "

.. which is one of the reasons I reprinted it here. Sure, it's fun content and worth a mention or a phone topic. But, the primary point is: even Wal*Mart has a 'brand story' and stands for something important to its shoppers. What's YOUR brand story? What do you stand for? Do your listeners care?

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