Saturday, August 19, 2006

51% Of Radio Listeners "Occasionally To Regularly" Read The Newspaper While Listening

Media multi-tasking: hey, TV.. 'get used to it.'
"When you add new media to the mix, such as satellite radio, blogging, and instant messaging, consumers have more media options than ever vying for their attention. They're quickly growing accustomed to using more than one media option at once, so the world of traditional media is becoming even more fragmented. Media multitasking among consumers makes effective marketing and advertising an entirely new challenge. Suddenly, a 'once captive' TV audience has now defined itself as a 'moving target." -- Phil Rist, vice president of strategic initiatives for BIGresearch

Serving a fast-moving, mobile audience .. advantage, radio! We've been specializing in that for at least 60 years!

To see the study, click here and choose the free "Consumer Intentions & Actions (Monthly Executive Briefing)".

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