Monday, August 28, 2006

Kenny Chesney Draws A Million Fans For The 5th Straight Year

There are a number of big tours hitting the road this year but only one of them belongs to a singer that’s played for a million fans each year for the last five years, Kenny Chesney.

According to his label during that time Kenny has played for 5.8 million fans and counting.

“It just feels like one big party,” says the singer/songwriter from Luttrell, Tennessee. “I don't sit around counting, because I'm too busy smiling and getting rocked by all these fans. You know, our fans bring it and throw it back at us every bit as hard as we do… so it's always the more they give us, the more we wanna send back -- and it's so loud and crazy every night! To me, that's not measured with numbers, but the cheers and the looks on those faces.”

Kenny reached a million fans in just 70 shows this year earlier that ever because he was the only country artist filling football stadiums this year in towns like Seattle, Tampa. Dallas, Nashville, Columbus, LA and now Detroit this weekend.

“And it's funny… we had someone come up to us the other night, and she said, 'You know, if we don't come see you, it's like it's not summer!' I gotta tell you, that felt pretty damn great,” says Kenny.

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