Saturday, August 19, 2006

FX 1019 Helps With Making Of Video

Milkman reports: When Country star George Canyon needs a favor, who’s he going to’ call? FX1019 listeners heard afternoon host Bill Hart get a call from George recently, asking if he could round up 100 FX1019 listeners to help with the filming of his new video ‘Drinkin’ Thinkin’’. Bill, FX1019 morning man Pete Montana, Tara & Kevin from the FX1019 Summer Cruiser and hundreds of wannabe video stars gathered at the Rodeo in Burnside. After a night of filling out ballots and picking out winners, over 100 fans showed up the next day at the Marquee Club in Halifax to meet George, and enjoy the video making experience. Watch for the new video on CMT, you may recognize some East Coast friends.

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