Friday, August 04, 2006

Are You In The Entertainment Business Or Do You Want To Be A Toll Collector?

Want to see 30 interesting, well-produced minutes of hypebole and exaggeration of the power of new media, designed by
CBC to get your attention? If so, there's no need to watch for the 8/21-23 repeat of the broadcasts. They are online now. Click to see the radio one and the read a transcript.

Podcasts, satellite radio, mashups and downloads, mp3, p2p, wma, burning, ripping, streaming. So many busy new music activities and listening methods, and none of it coming from the good old fashioned radio. What's a poor broadcaster to do? If radio is dying, what do we need to know about what's replacing it?

IMHO: The only two voices among all of the interviewees who appear to have a grasp on reality are Rob Farina (with over 1.2 million listeners, CHUM FM is Canada’s most-listened-to radio station, a stat which hopefully puts all the hype into perspective) and John Parikhal (who inspired my headline, above).

Successful radio, which of course does manage to still reach 95% of the 12+ population every week, just happens to be based on so much more than thousands and thousands of songs played whenever a popular DJ feels like it, music by the pound, and exposing unfamiliar new music first. In fact, if New Media finds a way to build a business model on those things, I'd say more power to them. If they seriously hope to take terrestial radio's audience away, they better come with more than paper swords.

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