Sunday, August 27, 2006

In the Year Since Katrina, Americans Are Stockpiling Emergency Supplies

American Media Services latest study finds: Battery-Powered Radios, as Well as Candles, Food and Water, Are Popular Items

The survey found that a majority of Americans have bought candles or flashlights (62 percent) or checked the batteries for their emergency equipment (54 percent). Nearly half say they have stockpiled food and water (46 percent) and bought or checked a battery-powered radio (43 percent).

"Following Katrina, most Americans are taking advice seriously to stock up on emergency items -- and that includes a radio for getting information locally," said Ed Seeger, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Media Services (AMS), which commissioned the survey. "Radio plays an essential role in emergency preparedness. We hope that 100 percent of Americans would be prepared for emergencies by having a battery-powered radio on hand, as well as other essential supplies."

It's very smart (and cool!) to see a broker funding pro-radio studies like this. eh?

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