Saturday, August 26, 2006

Keith Urban in Syracuse: "2 sisters, 2 wishes, 2 kisses!"

Writer Mark Bialczak was there when A&O clients WBBS, Syracuse welcomed Keith Urban,
...who spotted a homemade poster sign Friday night at the state fair grandstand, the country music star heck, with his marriage to actress Nicole Kidman, he's crossed over into pop stardom made two sisters from "outside of Albany" quite happy when he spied their sign. "Well, come on up. I'm not going to miss this opportunity." So up to the stage went Sharon and Claudia, telling all where they came from (and more than that in Claudia's case, as she explained about a recent joint replacement surgery to her thumb, earning raised eyebrows from Urban). They both got their kisses as the crowd howled. Urban was a great singer and fantastic guitar player. But most important, he was a tremendous entertainer. After bussing the two siblings, he jumped down in front of the stage. Then he climbed over the rail and strolled through the center aisle of the crowd, chuckling as he sang and withstanding the tremendous crush of those who strained for one slight touch with fame. But it was more than those couple hundred upfront who fell to Urban's obvious charm. By the end of the night, everybody was singing in the rain as Urban and his very fine five-piece band went through a repertoire of songs that regularly make country radio rotation.

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