Saturday, July 15, 2006

What’s Hot? Small cars and the Man of Steel

Each month, these folks conduct an internet poll which takes the pulse of the country.

Talking Points:
* Confidence rebounds in July
* Practicality rises among penny-pinching consumers
* July’s employment outlook improves
* Who is the most likely to be affected by fluctuating gas prices?
* All you ever wanted to know about Shoes
* After a rocky start to summer, the 90 Day Outlook improves month-over-month

OK. I've kept you waiting long enough: with gas prices rising steadily, small cars are what’s hot this month, according to 61.8%. Superman Returns and Hawaiian print shirts also get the seal of approval…celebrity babies, headbands, and oversized sunglasses also top women’s lists of what’s hot, while the Nintendo DS Lite is A-OK with guys.

What’s Not? Although more popular among the younger set, about 90% agree they aren’t yet Crazy about new music duo Gnarls Barkley.

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