Sunday, July 09, 2006

Variety On People: There's Still Not Enough Celebrity Coverage

Quote: People has turned to the entertainment industry as never before, having pumped up its celebrity coverage and shelling out staggering sums for celebrity photos (the most notorious being the reported $4.1 million for the Brangelina baby photos) and even staking out homes of the rich and famous. A People reporter was recently arrested for trespassing in Brad Pitt's backyard.

Like the boob jobs ever more prominent in its pages, People has perked up.
The process has annoyed some of its readers and reporters, as well as sister publications and rivals, who go bonkers at what they call People's holier than-thou-attitude even as it goes downmarket in the pursuit of the latest celeb wedding. A reporter at another Time Inc. publication grumbles about People's supersized presence, "It's like a turkey leg on a Cornish hen."

"An aggressive publicity machine peppers the nation with People reporters, from the smallest Midwest radio station to the network morning shows."

Golly, am I the only one not to have a free media subscription to People and call-in gossip reporter yet? How did I miss out?

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