Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chesney Boston Tickets = $37.50-$85.50

According to Kenny Chesney's camp, his average ticket prices "are the most fan-friendly ticket prices of any major headliner," and yet he still grosses millions at his shows, like over a million dollars at his Madison Square Garden show and $4.2 million at Boston's Gillette stadium.
"Look, we could probably charge more for the tickets," Chesney says of keeping the ticket price affordable, "but I never want to be one of those people where the fan is in a position of wanting to come, but maybe being too pinched - or bringing a date, but maybe it's too much.My attitude has always been: if you wanna come out and party with us, come on. We're here for the fun..."

And, certainly, making lots of money is certainly FUN. i.e., Concert tours' 2006 gross up 38.5 percent.

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Anonymous said...

Kenny Chesney’s record label says it’s official Kenny’s Boston Stadium show is the highest grossing one-day show ever passing the $4 Million mark, joining an elite club of artists that have passed that mark this century that includes Madonna, The Stones and U2.

"I don't know about history," says Chesney, "I just know about smiling faces... people having a good time, and there sure were a lot of 'em at Gillette Stadium.”