Monday, July 24, 2006

The B I G PPM Question: What About Before 7:42 AM?

Billboard's Mike Boyle reports the median “undocking” time is 7:42 a.m., while the median “docking” time is 11:14 p.m. Yes, I know that even listening while the PPM is docked is registered, as long as it's done within 'earshot' of the device. But, if it's docked in the bedroom, what might it be missing? The Arbitron Affiliates Advisory Coucil is meeting this Wednesday. Listen carefully to reports from that meeting on the crucial answer to that question.

IMHO: ARB simply won't get a 60% rate premium from radio for PPM if the new system of measurement doesn't increase reported listening at least enough to justify today's morning drive rates. If they start measuring Philadephia without formal accreditation, THAT will be the metric to watch very carefully.

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