Wednesday, July 19, 2006

John Hogan Gets A Big, Juicy PR Kiss From USA Today

The newspaper's David Lieberman writes
the kind of profile that the CEO of any public company needs and loves. Congrats to John for it. His courage over the last several years has indeed been just what our biz has needed. (...almost as much as we've needed some private owners to re-emerge and also do even some of the very tough things that a public company simply can't do, like getting our unit loads back down to pre-consolidation levels - 8-10 per hour, units, not just minutes.. I'd bet that TSL levels improve a lot when and if someone has the courage to do it)


* "Sometimes you have to sow seeds and wait for the results," says Cumulus Media CEO Lewis Dickey Jr. "But they are some gutsy moves, and I applaud them."

* "Prior leadership had not really done much to generate (external) relationships," Hogan says. "They were of the attitude that what's good for us is good for us — and let everybody fend for themselves."

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