Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Online Movie Ads Peak Too Early

Though not a recent study, the recently released analysis of 57 movie campaigns for in-theater releases by Dynamic Logic reveals that online movie ads perform among the highest industries in positively raising Aided Brand Awareness (+9.8) and Brand Favorability (+4.3) on average.

Advertising's impact on Awareness and Purchase Intent was highest early on in the campaigns, at least 4 weeks prior to the movie release date. In fact, the online advertising's impact at four weeks out was quadruple what it was a week from the release date, +22.5 points compared to +5.4 points, respectively.

Take a look at the study's recommendations and consider how they may also apply to YOU:

1. Leverage the "buzz factor" early to generate awareness
2. Use creative that will both generate interest provide a strong call to action to see the movie (listen to your station) from the outset of a campaign
3. Provide a "sneak peak" of the movie trailer (sound of your radio station) with rich media to raise awareness and provide information
4. For generating "movie ticket purchases" (radio usage so memorable that it gets measured by the ratings), advertise on days most people are attending movie theatres (the day before and after the survey diaries arrive in mailboxes)

As with films, it's also important that your 'story' (point of view and mission) be compelling, so that it turns your early adopters into fans who love turning their friends on to their new discovery.

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