Sunday, July 23, 2006

Has Danielle Found A Good Man?

Sunday’s Tennessean BRAD ABOUT YOU column does it again, as Brad Schmidt picks up a great rumor:
Country newcomer Danielle Peck's new single is "Findin' a Good Man," and at the very least, she has landed herself a rich one. Danielle recently started dating Boston Red Sox hurler Josh Beckett, who was in the news last week because he just signed a three-year contract extension worth a reported $30 million. Lest anyone think Danielle is a gold digger, she and Josh first met a couple of months ago, way before this contract extension. (He was probably worth only a few million back then.) So how did these two crazy kids meet? With a little help from the "Keeper of the Stars" — or the guy who sings that song anyway. Josh, 26, is a Texas native, and he's buddies with Tracy Byrd. Tracy knows Danielle and voila, Josh and Danielle had a blind date in Boston. Well, as blind a date as there can be between two celebrities. I'm sure there was plenty of Googling on each side. The two met in Beantown on a night when Josh was in a baseball game and Danielle had a show there. Danielle showed up for the first few innings of his game, but Josh never made it to her show because his game went into extra innings. But the two met at a cookout late that night, and I guess things were really cookin' because they
kept in touch. Their next date was in Tampa, again on a game day. So Josh took her to lunch; she went to the game; and they had dinner afterward. They haven't seen each other since, but the two talk on the phone constantly. Danielle is quite shy about discussing these things, but
she did pass along a couple of sentences about Josh through her publicist: "He's a really great guy, and he loves country music," she said. "I look forward to getting together for a third date."

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