Monday, July 10, 2006

High Speed Internet in 60% of Online Households

(click on the graph to enlarge it) According to new consumer research from Leichtman Research Group (LRG), 69% of all US households now subscribe to an online service at home, and high-speed Internet services now account for about 60% of all online subscribers.

Overall, cable remains the most common source for residential broadband driven by its strength among higher income households. But DSL now has a greater market share than cable among middle income households.

Hopefully, I don't have to add 1+1 for you, but in case I do...

Does Your Station Have a Blog Policy?

Whether you choose to blog or not, however, you must have some kind of blog policy, because conversations are happening about your station right outside your little booth in cyberspace, and everything that is said there is permanent, and findable. There are four ways that your station can (and may already) interact with the blogosphere, in increasing order of commitment:

1. You can read other blogs, and monitor what your listeners (and competitors) are saying about you.
2. You can comment on other blogs in response to conversations about your station
3. Your employees can blog (with or without your sanction)
4. Your station can have its own blog

Not everyone can or should do number four, but at a minimum you should do #1 and seriously consider #2. Remember that the folks who are disparaging your station on the Internet are different from phone cranks in two very important (and already mentioned) aspects--everything they say is permanent and findable. An error unchallenged, or a myth allowed to perpetuate, can easily become your #1 search term (search "Miserable Failure" and see what I mean.) Engaging bloggers and challenging them to a constructive dialogue doesn't legitimize them, it legitimizes you.

-- by Tom Webster, Edison Media Research

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