Friday, April 07, 2006

Tuesday Is SHOES-day

Since promotional consultant Doug Harris made that suggestion to AC stations on the McVay Media website, it's been fun to hear how creative AC stations have been taking the concept and running with it. Like WJLQ, Pensacola's "Pick Your Purse," for example:

It's easy to win. Listen for the 3 songs of the day to be announced at 7:20am weekdays. When you hear the songs played in their entirety, be caller #7 at 850-476-1007 and win a $100 Simon Gift card from Cordova Mall. We will post the songs of the day here after 8am each morning. You will also be qualified to win the handbag for the week. In order to win, listen the following Monday at 7:20 for your name to be announced. You'll have 10 minutes to call to claim your hand bag. If you do not call, John and Wendi will randomly take the 100th caller to win the purse.

Country equivalents? Cash, of course. Doubling paychecks, live life free for a year, pay your bills, payroll/paycheck, ATM secret serial numbers. $5 family concerts. Cars, car repairs, car leases. Concert tickets, sound check parties, back stage meet and greets. Fantasy flyaways, family weekend getaways. If you've found others that work better than the hackneyed old 'win it before you can buy it,' I'd love to hear from you.

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