Monday, April 10, 2006

Tim On TV: Some Memorable Moments

Tim McGraw’s “Reflected” Special on NBC Friday was a rich blend of performances in a live audience format (cool setting with fans watching from catwalks high above Tim and surrounding him on the floor (a mini preview of his upcoming Soul2Soul II tour set?), and intimate performances taped inside his home formerly owned by Hank Williams Sr. outside of Nashville. It opened in the live audience setting with a great version of “Live Like You Were Dying.”

Interspersed between the live show and performances at the house, were chats with Hank Williams Jr. who stopped by to reminisce about the home he had not seen since he was a kid. Tim told Hank that he covered his tunes while coming up and they tore into a cool jam on “Family Tradition.” Highlights included a lovely version of the song Tim co-wrote for the soundtrack of “Flicka”, “My Little Girl,” taped in the foyer of his home surrounded by a formally dressed string section. There were several vignettes with Tim, Faith, one microphone and one guitar in an intimate jam session, including some of “That’s Alright Mamma,” “Nobody Knows(It But Me)” the first thing they ever sang together), and a sensuous and sensational version of “I Need You,” a song Tim says he and Faith have recorded for one of their upcoming albums.

Review by Neal Haislop (323 857-0760)

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