Monday, April 17, 2006

The RAB Practices What It Preaches: ADVERTISING

As competition for radio ad dollars heats up amid the growth of Web radio and satellite radio, the Radio Advertising Bureau this week launched a new print advertising campaign that promotes radio’s effectiveness for advertisers and their agencies.

The ads take a humorous approach to the downside of not using everyday items. One ad, for example, shows a writhing soccer player who has failed to wear an athletic supporter cup. Using the tagline, “If it works, don’t ignore,” the ads aim to depict the consequences of overlooking something proven effective.

It's nice to see that the RAB hasn't lost its sense of humor. Local biz numbers so far this year for radio have been no laughing matter in many parts of the good ole USA. In February, RAB reported that national sales climbed 4% that month compared with the same month in 2005, However, local ad dollars dropped 3% in the same period, leading to a 2% overall decline from February 2005.

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