Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Is Hot Apple Pie's Next Song "Behind Closed Doors?

Hot Apple Pie were captives on their own bus this past weekend due to a faulty door. After finishing their show in Sarasota, the band went onto the bus to refresh before meeting fans. When they tried to exit the bus to shake hands and sign autographs, they found that the bus door would not open. The group lowered a roadie out of the back lounge window to try to assist in the efforts from the outside where he was able to get the door opened. But the story doesn't end there: later that night, during a routine fuel stop, everyone exited the bus and went inside the gas station. When the guys got back, they found the bus door once again wouldn't open. Luckily the driver had left his window slightly ajar, so drummer Trey Landry was boosted through the window and got the door open so the group could get back on the road.

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