Saturday, April 29, 2006

Gas Too Pricey? Make Your Own..

ABC News: Tennessee Man Sells Still and Kits to Make Ethanol at Home
You could be forgiven for not expecting the next John D. Rockefeller to come from Tullahoma, Tenn., of all places. But right in Tullahoma, in his garage-turned-factory, you can find Bill Sasher — the father of do-it-yourself ethanol. Doing it yourself means buying one of Sasher's stills or still-building kits. A fully assembled ethanol kit still costs about $1,400, and Sasher, who runs Dogwood Energy, says with the price of gasoline nudging toward $3 a gallon, business is booming. In the last two months, orders are up 300 percent.

There HAS to be a moonshine joke, to the tune of an old George Jones song, in there somewhere..

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