Monday, April 17, 2006

Sara Evans: "I Detest Laziness In People"

Evans plays the Calgary Saddledome this Thursday as part of the Brooks & Dunn bill. She gave the Calgary Sun some quotables yesterday:

* She admits she is “very competitive” in both career and life. “I want to be my best. I’m kinda like Monica on Friends.”
Evans credits part of her determination to growing in rural Missouri: “Growing up on a farm every year is a struggle. Every year is struggle to make the farm payment. You grow up and know you can’t give up because there’s work to do every day, if you feel like doing it or not.”
Raising three youngsters is a full- time job itself, never mind adding touring, singing and songwriting to the mix: “I take it day by day. But for the most part, it’s really easy. I have a lot of help and that’s a good thing, so I can focus on the kids and what they need from me. I have an assistant who lives with me, a nanny and I have another assistant on the road. You need lots of help if you decide to do this.”
While life on the road is good for the kids, there is one thing that Evans doesn’t like: “Because I am a celebrity, people are always treating my kids extra special and I hate that because I don’t want them to think that they’re special because their mom is a celebrity. I want them to be special because they earned it.”

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