Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Learning From Talk Radio: Local Wins

Benchmark Research's latest study shows local hosts gain ground:

1. More listeners classified themselves as political moderates and fewer identified themselves as conservatives.
2. Sixty-nine percent of respondents mentioned a local host when asked who their favorite radio personality was.
3. Seventeen percent of respondents also expressed that they wanted their (talk) stations to feature more two-way talk between hosts and listeners.
4. 49% of respondents said they’d consider a monthly subscription if their favorite host went to a satellite station.
5. 65% mentioned visiting their favorite talk station’s web site.
6. 19% said they at least occasionally listened on-line.

Dr. Rob Balon, CEO of Benchmark:
“First and foremost, talk radio should be about entertainment. Local hosts talk about things that impact folks on their own turf. Sometimes it is politics, sometimes water cooler stuff.; but it is what the listener relates to."

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