Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rascal Flatts - Twice As Popular As Toby Keith?

Music sales has always been a bit of a mystery, with lots of things happening behind the curtain, like paid display space, returns for credit, promotional copies, etc., but with Soundscan data now so prevalent at retail we're told that a sale is a sale and RIAA reports are based on real sales not just reports. However, fan site writer Kirk Fitzgerald asks an intriguing question today:

"Editorial: Rascal Flatts vs. Toby Keith

Here are the numbers of sales released in press releases for the first week of two albums:
Rascal Flatts 691,321
Toby Keith 329,831
How is this possible? Can someone explain this to me please. Why does a group like Rascal Flatts sell well over double the number of albums in the first week of sales.
Toby Keith has far more talent. "Get Drunk and Be Somebody" has been on the Billboard chart for 18 weeks, peaking at #3. "What Hurts the Most" has been on Billboard for 17 weeks, peaking at #1, and still there. Where is the support for true country music? Rascal Flatts, you have to admit, are not country. Toby Keith is far more country and in my opinion, holds far more respect in the tradition and heritage of country music. I will say, I do enjoy some of Rascal Flatts music, so don't get me wrong. I like the band, some. However, I just don't understand their massive success. Why do you think this is?"

Do your listeners agree? Or, is Fitzgerald out of date with today's tastes?

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Bill Miller said...

Toby Keith doesn't get the credit he deserves. Sure he's abrasive, maybe even insincere, but he's made some of the most creative music coming of the country format in the 21st century. His music is different and the world both loathes and embraces it. Now that's art.