Thursday, April 20, 2006

Neil Haislop: Tim McGraw Beats His Manager In Basketball

Tim and Faith headed to Columbus yesterday to rehearse for Friday night’s kickoff show of the tour. And, what would a McGraw tour be without breaking out the baskets and hoops for their traditional, daily B-ball fun.

Three members of Tim’s Management took on Tim and a couple of his artist side in 3 on 3. According to Tim’s manager, Scott Siman, Management got "soundly" defeated. 3 hours later when all was said and done a runner had to be sent for more advil. While tipping his hat to the fact that “Tim can truly move well to his left.” Management is trying to recruit Portland Trailblazer center, Will Perdue for today’s games.

Tip: if "Soul2Soul II" comes your way this summer, start talking now about getting a bunch of your listeners to join the morning team to challenge Tim's team at the sound check for Swampstock or the Gridiron Heroes Spinal Cord Injury Organization, reportedly his favorite benefits. He's also been known to do charity softball games too. Talk to your regional Hershey's rep. They are a tour co sponsor.

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