Monday, August 29, 2005

Trace Adkins Listens To Fans, Stops Promoting "Arlington"

Trace Adkins’ “Arlington” is testing “very well, it had legs, would have been #1 in a few weeks.”

So why has Trace officially announced that he will not continue actively promoting “Arlington,” and will soon move onto his next single?

In an open letter to Country radio distributed by his label, Capitol Records Nashville, Adkins states, “It has come to my attention that a portion of radio listeners are uncomfortable with my single, “Arlington.” While the number of people may be relatively small, and limited to only a few areas of the country, I feel that I should address this to each of you, who have supported this song with so much enthusiasm.

This is a very special song to me, and I never intended for it to be unsettling to anyone. Recording it was my own way of paying homage and tribute – in a very respectful and very deep emotional way – to all American war veterans who have given the last full measure for our freedom.

I have received an overwhelming amount of response from so many people expressing their appreciation for the song and the patriotic feelings it evokes. However, I can completely understand how this song might make some people who have family members on active duty or deployed in combat zones feel apprehensive.

This is a regrettable and totally unintended consequence, which I am taking very seriously.

Therefore, it is out of respect for these Americans and their families that we have decided not to continue actively promoting “Arlington” and will soon move onto our next single.

Thank you radio for making this the fastest rising single of my career. Your continuing support of me and my music means the world to me.”

God Bless you.

- Trace Adkins

Albright & O'Malley's national client-based weekly AccuTest research continues to be very positive on "Arlington," with it ranking in our top seven titles being played right now. Negatives on the song are less than 10%, so A&O has elected, after carefully considering Trace's very impressive and sensitive letter, to keep the song in Power rotations in recommendations this week to clients.

If there are negatives on "Arlington," it is less than 10% in our client markets and actually unfamiliarity with the song is still 14%, which means it has much more room to grow, not surprising for such an amazing tribute to the people who have given their lives to protect our way of life.”

United Stations writer-producer Neil Haislop (323 857-0760) sent this personal note in response to our decision to continue to play "Arlington" (at least for another week) this morning: "If anybody doubts how very special the song is to Trace and how he feels about subject matter, all you have to do is catch the look of intensely deep emotion in his face in a brief news clip that appears in the video of “Arlington,” showing Trace in the sacred act of laying a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier."

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Buzz Jackson said...

This sure is a weird one - we have had no - no - negative feedback about the song at all. And the research is OK - not great, but fine.

Buzz in Tucson