Monday, August 01, 2005

Strong Usage Benchmarks

These really work for stations executing them well:

Double Your Paycheck
KSON will announce one name, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:15am, 12:15pm and 4:15pm. And one name per hour on Thursdays from 8:15am to 5:15pm. The person whose name is announced over the air has 30 minutes to call to win their prize. KSON will double the weekly paycheck of all winners by matching one week's gross salary up to $1250. You must be 18 years of age or older, and a San Diego County Resident. If we call your name, and you don't call, your name could be called again. KSON will determine the winner's weekly salary by averaging the winner's previous 5 weekly pay stubs. Pay stubs must be dated from the 3-week period prior to winning the contest.

Listener of the Day
Each weekday, WQYK, Tampa, will randomly pick a member of the WQYK Club to be our "Listener of the Day," and their name will be posted on our web site. If you see your name, you must send an e-mail message to us by midnight on the day your name is posted. We'll notify you on how, when and where to pick up your prize. If we don't receive an e-mail message from you by midnight on the day your name is drawn, you'll be added back to the list of WQYK Club members and you could be selected again at any time.

The Closer
Now through July 25, you can win $250 cash by confessing to WYCD Watch Kyra Sedwick in TNT's new original series "The Closer," Mondays at 9, only on TNT. They'll bring you in, She'll make you talk. The Closer Confess for Cash Sweepstakes. Visit our web site and confess your confession for a chance to win $250.

Lookin' For A Hot Lunch Lady
Pat and Tom want to salute some of the hardest working, least-acknowledged people in the education system. They're the folks who are cookin' with gas, servin' it up fresh, and can dish it out with the best of 'em. They are: The Hot Lunch Ladies. And we want to raise our milk boxes to 'em with the Pat and Tom Hot Lunch Ladies of the Month contest. If you're a hot lunch lady within our listening audience, just send us a photo of yourself and, if you'd like, your co-workers too. Each month, one lunch lady will win what every lunch lady deserves... lunch on somebody else for a change. You'll get a gift certificate from Chops Steak, Seafood and Bar and a 2-hour "Kool Kat Spa Package" from Mellow Me Out Day Spa, featuring an essential facial, full body massage and foot jacuzzi. E-mail your photo today. Please be sure to include your name, the names of any others in the photo, a phone number you can be reached at during the day, and school where you "do your cookin'."

At Work Team
When you register to become a "At Work Team" member you're automatically enter to win our weekly prizes. It's free. No fees, no dues and no co-pay. It's free. Just set the radio at work everyday to 105.1 and listen to Sacramento's #1 Country to help you through the workday. "KNCI At Work Team" members are eligible for great "KNCI Listener Club" benefits like, free CDs, free DVDs, free concert tickets or free KNCI wear, discount coupons and more. New "At Work Team" benefits will be added all the time. Take KNCI to work with you - at the office, on the road, on the job site or at home. Join the "KNCI At Work Team" now. Just fill out the KNCI Listener Club form on our web site then listen everyday at work to New Country 105.1 KNCI.

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Danny Moerkerke said...

Nice ideas. But uhm, even when you're chosen as Listener of the Day you stil have to PICK UP your prize???