Friday, August 26, 2005

Gas Until You Gasp

The always-inspiring Paige Nienaber of CPR lives by one concept: "When everyone else is doing something, do something else."

An example, if you are as tired of Free Gas promotions as we are, as Infinity Oldies KXKL (Kool 105)/Denver rides the trend but innovates with their “Gasping for Gas!” event.

VP/Programming Keith Abrams explains to R&R's Street Talk this morning: “We pumped gas for as long as they could hold their breath! People wore swimmer’s nose clips to keep from cheating. Nobody passed out — although a couple looked a little wobbly at theend. We serviced over 50 cars in two hours— four TV stations showed up to cover the event. The ABC affiliate loved the idea so much, they even made their own‘Gasping for Gas’ logo! It was hilarious to see that on TV.”

By 6:30 am, when the Kool 105 street team arrived at the pumps, there were already 200 cars in line: “Most folks averaged in the eight-gallon range, except for this one guy who filled up his entire tank to the tune of $42.40 — over 16 gallons! We just stood and watched in horror seemed like forever, and he only stopped because his tank was full! There’s no telling how long he could have gone! It was like the ‘Return of Swamp Thing!’”

Google and Yahoo News is always a great way to 'search' for ideas. This May headline in a Westport, Connecticutt newspaper make have been the Genesis of this idea. Or, maybe this from Sonoma, CA.

Kool 105 in Burlington, VT., used a Stones tune as their hook for it.

PS: Be sure to get an insurance rider on this one, should you decide to do it.

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Paige Neinauber said...

Truth be told, it was the idea of a client in of all places, Thunder Bay,. Ontario. I just shared it with the group. - Paige (