Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Storm Aid

Cruising the internet tonight is inspiring, as you encounter the huge NEED and the equally-amazing efforts of radio all over North America. A few highlights:

Sunny 95, WSNY in Columbus, Ohio will feature our morning show, "It's Sunny in the Morning with Dino & Stacy" broadcasting for a consecutive 30-hours on the radio station to raise funds for the American Red Cross relief effort. During this time, our entire staff from sales, to promotions, to programming, will be manning the donation lines from the radio station during this timeframe. We will also be collecting funds on our website,

Join STAR 101.3’s (San Francisco) Don Bleu and Uzette this Thursday, September 1st for a live morning show broadcast to help those impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

Don Bleu will broadcast live from 5am – 10am at STACKS restaurant in Burlingame, encouraging listeners to come by and donate to the American Red Cross and their Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. For those who come to the broadcast and donate, STACKS will be offering a $2.50 breakfast to start your day (beginning 6a)!

The American Red Cross is launching the largest mobilization of resources in its history for a single natural disaster, coordinating on all fronts to bring relief to storm victims. More than 200 emergency response vehicles and countless other Red Cross resources are en route or on the scene to provide hot meals, snacks, bottled water and distribute other much-needed relief supplies.

STAR 101.3 will be accepting cash and check donations on-site. For more information, or to donate online, please visit

PLUS, STAR has two other ways to contribute. The Blood Centers of the Pacific will be on-site for those who choose to donate blood. In addition to that, STAR is also using its STAR power to assist in the relief efforts! Beginning on Wednesday morning, STAR will be auctioning off a chance to meet Ricky Martin! All proceeds will go to the STAR’s Hurricane Relief Fund. To bid on the auction, call 800-800-1013. The auction ends on Friday at 10a.

Clear Channel Top 40 JAMMIN JJS (Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA) along with sister stations within the cluster held a water drive all day Tuesday and Wednesday in Roanoke. Listeners brought bottled water, gallons, jugs, etc. This truly was a sight to see...listeners driving up with pick-up trucks full of water they needed to be tied down...listeners who took up a collection at work...companies who sent their delivery trucks to Sam's Club and almost cleaned out their inventory.

The idea was to pack a 48-foot semi truck with water. Once full, it will head south to the gulf states. We also accepted cash donations which would be used to buy more water. The response was crazy. Here are the latest "figures" and results I have. Will get more to you when I get them.

THREE semi trucks are full plus a 24-foot moving van. Last I heard as far as cash donations, mind you this is from late Wednesday morning, was around $5,000. We are a dual-city market here, Roanoke and Lynchburg, VA. These past 2 days the event took place in Roanoke. We're in Lynchburg tomorrow (Thursday).

Our morning show raised money for the hurricane victims this morning and it continues all day today. They scratched fundraiser plans for their own charity, Kidd's Kids, and decided to help the American Red Cross. You will make a difference. Even $1.00 will help. Please log ontp the following website and contribute whatever you can.

Clear Channel has set up a website as a resource for helping its stations funnel donations to the American Red Cross.

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B O B said...

Hi, it was encouraging to see your comment about the Lynchburg Roanoke area. There are several efforts here to aid in the relief of Katrina's victims. Several other tractor trailers will be leaving for New Orleans early next week bringing supplies to those in need from our area.

Additionally, our schools are begining to gear up for displaced students from both colleges and primary schools K-12 on orders from our governor. It is expected that Virginia will be providing relocation for displaced residents of the gulf region.

We hope your blog will continue to inform others of efforts they can take to aid those that are now in desperate need.