Saturday, August 13, 2005

Kent Burkhart And Becky Brenner on Winning & Team-Building

From Kent's great blog: I once managed a radio station that had that “winner” attitude. The attitude was prompted by two or three people on the 50 station staff (who) wanted to compete…they enjoyed winning. During the period I owned Burkhart/Abrams consulting (1972 to 1995) I entered the front door of a least 500 stations. Within 15 minutes I knew if these stations had a winning staff. Most were losers. It was my job to teach the losers how to win. And, at each station I found t least one guy who could lead…who worked hard, had fun, was honest, cared about life, and enjoyed hitting homers!

A cartoon on KMPS PD Becky Brenner's computer monitor: "Teamwork is a whole lot of people doing things my way."

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