Saturday, August 13, 2005

Jimmy Hollywood and Cecily Knobler

Julie Stevens at KRTY, San Jose and Brooks O'Brien at KWNR, Las Vegas have at least three things in common: they are (1) successful country PD's, (2) part of winning morning shows and (3) they both have used Hollywood gossip guy James St. James reports from tinseltown three times a week for many years. Albright & O'Malley special: email J.C. McKenzie or call 951-244-0764. Ask for a two week free trial.

Also very much worth checking out is writer and stand-up comic Cecily Knobler (and Claude's cousin), who currently writes and hosts "Live From Hollywood", a daily radio entertainment show for KRTY and which is broadcast live in 45 markets across the country.

On each show, she satirically reports "Hollywood gossip" with a comedic twist and weekly, she reviews films. Email Cecily Knobler and I'll bet she'd offer a free trial too. Tell her I sent you and then wait for the pause when she asks "..... Jaye WHO??"

Cecily and James are both silver-tongued 'devils.'

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Cecilia said...

I love Cecily!
I just read her book, She's Crazy He's a Liar"...well Cecily is hilarious!!! Any girl who's been dumped NEEDS to read it!!

Plus she has a great name! Similar to mine! :)