Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Your 2014 Marketing Plan Should Include An Engineering Overview

Winning the ratings war is a deadly game of not just who listens to your station but who can hear your station. This section will help you focus on your the signal strengths and weaknesses of your station and market.
  1. What it's like today. 
  2. What's changed in the last three months.
· C1. Have there been any recent facility upgrades (Power, Move In, Etc.)?
· C2. Are there any facility upgrades in the works (rumored, applied for)?
· C3. How will your station be affected by these facility upgrades?
· C4. Can you upgrade the coverage/signal quality/loudness of your facility?
· C5. What upside / downside is there for you in this process (list potential rewards
 and costs)?
· C6. Where are your no can hear me dead zones?
· C7. How do these signal dead zones impact your station?
· C8. What can you do to remedy the signal dead zones?
· C9. Are you aggressively pursuing your station's signal improvement?

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