Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"The Players'" Role In Your 2014 Plan

This section will help you identify your market's "key players." 

Consider the last three months:
· E1. List all Management changes
· E2. List all Programming changes
· E3. List all Sales changes
· E4. List all Talent changes

Rate High (5) to Low (1) the overall strength of your main competitors':
· E5. Ownership
· E6. Management team
· E7. Sales team
· E8. Programming team
· E9. Air-Talent team
· E10. Engineering team.

· E11. List the key people in each area (listed above) for your competitors.
· E12. What are each key players' significant strengths and weaknesses?
· E13. Who are the key players in Management, Programming, Sales, Air-Talent, Engineering you should recruit?
· E14. Are they under contract? When does it expire?
· E15. Are you aggressively pursuing these key players?

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