Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Everything up to this point in the last few days' blog posts is the foundation of your Marketing Strategic Plan. 

Now.  Build in it.  Formulate your action plan.

· F1. What are you trying to accomplish with your marketing?
· F2. What is the focused message content your marketing must convey?
· F3. How will your on-air product evolve to achieve your objectives?
· F4. Very Important: How will your "packaging" achieve your objectives? Be as specific as possible.
· F5. Where are your current or prospective diary-keepers located? (detailed Zip Code +4 mapping not just by In-Tab Distribution but by Listening Value too.)
· F6. How can you best reach them?
· F7. How can you best motivate them?
· F8. How will your on-air promotions reinforce your objectives?
· F9. How will your promotions and advertising be integrated to reinforce each other?
· F10. How much do you have in your marketing budget to accomplish your objective?
· F11. What is the best advertising medium to use to convey your message? Why?
· F12. How will your television advertising help achieve your objectives?
· F13. How will your telemarketing help achieve your objectives?
· F14. How will your direct mail help achieve your objectives?
· F15. How will your outdoor advertising help achieve your objectives?
· F16. How will your social media and other advertising help achieve your objectives?
· F17. How much time have you allotted for each marketing element?
· F18. What station personnel will handle the implementation of each marketing element? (In whole or in part)
· F19. What return do you realistically expect for each of the above?
· F20. How will you share this plan with your department, other departments, and maintain confidentiality?

With all these questions answered, you are now ready to start spending money and taking action.

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