Thursday, October 24, 2013

Image Ownership

This section of 2014 "pre-plan questions" will help you identify your market's "image owners."

Perception is reality. 

Perception is the only reality your listeners can act on.

Rank your market and then your competitor stations for each of the following items (1=Top Dog, 2=Next Dog, etc.)

· D1. Music quantity image? Overall? In each format?
· D2. Music variety image? Overall? In each format?
· D3. Music awareness image?
· D4. Music comfort/familiarity image?
· D5. Benefit images:
· D6. Anti-stress?
· D7. Energizing?
· D8. Feel-good?
· D9. Fun?
· D10. Overall information service image?
· D11. News?
· D12. Traffic?
· D13. Weather?
· D14. Sports?
· D15. Morning information service image?
· D16. Morning entertainment image?
· D17. Overall personality and entertainment image?
· D18. Contesting (in general) image?

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