Thursday, October 01, 2009

Trading Ideas (And, Some Advice)

Eric Rowe wrote: I'm looking for ideas that can be done with creativity and no budget since most stations keep pulling back marketing. If you have some sure fire ways for a show to try and get cume without the big budget in a PPM and non PPM world that would be awesome.

Thanks, Eric! I am flattered you thought of me. Try these on for size:

1. Don't make your show about Facebook and Twitter. Make Facebook and Twitter about your show. Many personalities make the mistake of talking up social networking as if mentioning the social sites made them seem cool. Just the opposite. There's no need to round up your audience and send them to the social networks. They are already there. Build tribes and stand for something they care about, using your show to magnify their voices.

2. Drop the hype. Stop selling the station. Stunts and benchmarks don't work like they used to, when people saw themselves as a mass, talked to by media. Today, they know they have control and want to create content. I love the way talent coach Tommy Kramer puts it: "think of yourself describing a parade as it passes." Be in the moment, talk about what matters to your listener today, from as many different perspectives as possible.

3. Research Director's Charlie Sislen has a recipe for all content in a PPM world: crisp, concise and compelling.

I know that these are not exactly what you were hoping-for, but the concept of everyone going to the same conventions, stealing the same ideas from one another and becoming the first one in your market to do the latest hot thing doesn't work like it once did.

Be intensely authentic. No one can steal that.

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