Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do You Know Where You Are Going?

Tamara Stanners is APD of Vancouver/AAA The Peak. She recently conducted some air staff coaching while I was a fly on the wall and since PPM in Canada is a minute-by-minute game, when she talked, I listened:
"One of the first things we learn as writer/communicator!s is to start with the end in mind. To have a clear goal of where we want our radio magic to go. What some of us seem to have forgotten is that knowing where to go is just the first step."

We also have to make sure the journey to our destination is well thought out of and concise. Meandering all over the road and going backwards to retrace steps just doesn't work on the radio.

It doesn't work in life either. Don't waste the listener's time. Don't waste your own.
If they've figured out what you're saying, they may stop listening even if you don't stop talking.

Think things through. Write them out if you have to. Make sure the beginning/middle and end are all worth doing. If they are not, don't do it. Do nothing. It's better than sounding like you don't know what you are doing.

Be GREAT! That is why you are here.


Paul Christy said...

IMHO, PPM has changed nothing for jocks.

Say compelling, interesting stuff and do it quickly! Efficiently!

A few seconds of a great jock beats the hell out of a scripted monkey.

Make people wait through a record they hate just to hear YOU!

It can still be done, but I'm not at all sure it can be taught.

Anonymous said...

i thnk shes the apd.