Thursday, October 22, 2009

"We Really Need Good Music From The Marquee Artists"

"A sign that country!s popularity pendulum is maybe beginning to swing in the right direction is the number of artists who have been recently exposed on the TV talk show circuit.

"Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts and Tim McGraw have had some face time in the last couple of weeks. Taylor Swift was on Oprah, will be on SNL in a couple of weeks and Carrie Underwood has her special coming up. And Garth can still draw massive attention to his press conferences, even if it is to show he can still shoot himself in the foot with Chris Gaines accuracy.

"Really, making a “coming out of retirement” announcement should never include an “I won’t be doing any new music for 5 years” statement." -- Gord Eno, PD,


Dan Baker said...

Garth can tour with the eternal hits and sell that very show loaded onto your new Garth USB belt buckle on the way out(price to be determined). No need to mess up the environment with bulky packaging tied up to a recording contract in this hit-or-miss mass medium. Garth may have a schedule and may be speculating five years before he's created a need for new Garth, or five years before the non-Garth world fades to a place where he can crush it with his boots. I'm Garth Brooks' personal pendulum and I approved this message.

facebook Thread said...

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Danny Wright
Good stuff and agreed. I like & respect Garth for his accomplishments and for all the energy he put in the format but I didn't get it, either. A big press conference to announce a big deal and ... it will be just me and a guitar and I'm not recrding or touring and don't expect a lot ...

I found it a little odd and deflating. But ...

Dan Baker
Garth can tour with the songs that radio played way back then and still make a mountain of money toady merchandising the live experience, without the worry of keeping up with those American Idol kids on the radio.....for the sake of new music, I hope his opening acts are hungrier....

Steve Harmon
perhaps some cirque du soleil magic sneaks in.. or an expanding stage .. it COULD be awesome still and not a night at the Bluebird via Vegas ..