Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Where The Ghouls Are

If you need October 31 stunts and bits like bobbing for pumpkins, office tricks and treats and pumpkin Olympics, "A&O's October Lightbulb" monthly promotional ideas news letter has plenty of them (clients only). (Email Mike or me to get a free copy, if you're not currently a client)

Crave still more inspiration? Here's another idea starter, chock full of stories and locations, like this one:

"At Stoner House, Dark Harbor, Maine, no matter how many times the carpet is replaced in the parlor of this wood-frame house, it lumps up in the center of the room and blood stains appear on the surface. The phenomenon has plagued several families since 1900, when Salathiel Stoner owned the house. Stoner met Amanda Carter in Falls Church, Virginia, and brought her back to Maine to be his wife. Amanda hated her husband's austere house and begged him for a carpet for the cold parlor floor."

And, according to the book, the rest is haunted history!

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Dale Carter
At KFKF, Pumpkinhead Harvey is about to awake from his slumber!!!

Buzz Jackson
Halloween's bustin' out all over at KIIM. Can you mail a pumpkin?

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