Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When Times Are Tough, The Creative Start Rapping

Mike Stiles, by day, is just another radio guy. But, by night, in his home production studio, he suddenly becomes..... Notorious D-A-D! (click to hear his character creation and the new album of bits he's created around it)

Times are hard, man.

With unemployment skyrocketing and good, hardworking people losing their jobs hand over fist, seems like the only ones out there who are getting and staying in the money are people who have Bruce Jenner for a stepdad…and rappers.

So when you got a family to take care of, you do what you got to do. You follow the money. If you can’t do as good with a 9-5 playing Spider Solitaire in a cubicle, it’s time to throw your beats to the wind and go with what works.

Of course, you can only rap about what you know. And I rap about my world. Life in the suburbs, the Neighborhood Association gettin’ all up in my grill, keeping the wife happy, the kids happy, the kids’ friends happy, and trying to keep my house and lawn from mis-representin’.

So get ready to make the minivan bounce, 'cause I’m Notorious D-A-D.

What unique, relatable, fun character lives inside you, which you could exploit for fun and profit?

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Unknown said...

You rock...I mean rap dude! A long ways away from Harry The Heave! - Godzilla