Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Conduct A Do-It-Yourself Programming Audit (Today!)

Getting your radio station ready for a ratings period a few times a year used to be so simple - a quick scan of a few points on a short checklist, and you were set. Yesterday's world of radio programming has evolved to a much more complicated universe of issues today, and the tasks that must be performed and constantly evaluated have multiplied considerably.

“Imagine evaluating your station as an auditor might, examining your product as a collection of assets and liabilities. Which ones are your most valued? What under-performers could you improve? What are liabilities? Become an expert Programming Auditor in just one hour!“ -- Michael O'Malley

How To Conduct A Programming Audit with Albright & O’Malley’s Michael O’Malley
will help you form the right checklist to monitor and improve your station's programming operations on an ongoing basis. Click here to join us for this expansive discussion on how to keep your station constantly "in tune" with your audience and your staff!

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