Wednesday, September 23, 2009

An Encouraging Sign in Our Economy Too

The dollar is stronger against the Euro, Ben Bernanke says the recession is over, and I just received an email from a radio job warrior that gives me as much hope as I have had in some time too:

"Sorry I haven't been in touch lately with a lot of you. It's been a crazy 9 months to say the least.

Thought I would update everyone on everything going on.

As most of you know I got laid off from Cumulus Media back in Febuary. Since then things have been a blur.

I took a job working for Target. But, as you know radio is my passion and where my heart is. It's all I've really done since I've been 16.

In June a new country radio station signed on locally and wanted me to come work for them. It just kinda fell in my lap from a former radio colleague!

I'm the afternoon guy, production guy, program director, music director and also will be doing some sales on the side too.

So, I wear many hats but I'm loving it. It's a locally owned station.

The owners used to own 5 radio stations here before selling them to Clear Channel in 2003.

Now, they are back in the business and only own this station. It's great seeing the owners once a week and being a part of a locally owned station again and in a small market.

I put my condo on the market on August 1st and it sold in less than 30 days. God sure had a plan for me.

I've just found a place to rent.

Everything has happened so fast but thought I would update you."

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