Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Yes, Radio and TV Are "Less Essential" Than The Internet

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..but, please also keep the findings of the latest Edison Media "Internet and Multimedia 2007" study in perspective.

The media appears to pick up the internet growth part of the story, which of course is extremely significant and we'd be nuts to ignore it (the Internet was mentioned by 38% as the most cool and exciting medium).
"It is entirely possible that the Internet will lead in all positive categories five years from now." -- EMR President Larry Rosin

...BUT it's equally important to keep several bits of very good news in mind, also in the report, leveraging them with all our might in the next five years while we still hold these key images:

* newspapers are more vulnerable than ever to our sales departments
* TV remains an important source for news
* and radio is still #1 by a mile (2:1) for discovering new music

Plus, with all the hand-wringing about new media's growth rates, it's important to stay focused on the folks who remain convinced that radio is essential to their lives.

They are the people who are filling out/mailing back listening diaries and carrying Portable People Meters.

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