Monday, July 23, 2007

Brad Visits Blair

Brad Paisley visited with Blair Garner's After MidNite recently and commented on why he's offered the video of "Online" for sale to his fans.

"It’s a neat way to do it, because it seems like, with all my hard-core
fans, it takes them even a week or two to once they start running in rotation to luck out and catch it [on GAC or CMT]. There are a bunch of ways you can now see it, and one of them is to go buy it, which is a great thing, because the video for this song is almost six minutes long, we extended the song quite a bit, there’s an all-star cast, it’s a lot like a little sit-com, and I really wanted it to be the kind of thing where somebody could go get this themselves and watch it over and over and pause it on certain things. There’s little details in there that you can see if you pause it….you couldn’t do that before."

Brad was also asked about his son, William Huckleberry, and whether he's called "Will" or "Huck?"

"It goes back and forth," said Brad. "It depends on my state of my mind that day and where we’re at. In Tennessee, he becomes Huck quite a bit. When we’re out in California, he’s Will, definitely. It’s a great nickname. He’s extremely happy and smiles all the time, and is a very positive baby. He’s very inquisitive and he’s not fussy in any way. I just love being around him."

Newcomer JASON MICHAEL CARROLL loves telling the story that he sang a Paisley penned tune, "Another You," on a radio karaoke contest. Jason Michael told Blair Garner's After MidNite, that he's still a bit intimidated while in Brad's presence. "I think Brad is so cool. I’m kind of intimidated by him, because my very first time opening up for a national act was opening for Brad Paisley. As cool as he is, he’s always been great to me, but I’m still a little intimidated, like ‘Gosh, that’s Brad Paisley!”

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