Friday, July 27, 2007

And, Now, For Something Completely Different

Yeah, I know that you have heard Wolves before, but A&O wants to take our hats off to Patti Marshall the OM of Q-102, B-105.1 and 93.7 the Wolf in Cincinnati and her great crew. She put it this way in an email to the Bonneville/Queen City team:

"Today we re-launched as Open Range Country, 97.3 The Wolf. From the new imaging to the new music (50% of which we did not have in selector) this was an adventure! I’d like to thank everyone in the “pack” for your help.
* Kat O'Connor – who came up with the brilliant idea of the 9 to 5 no repeat work week…(after she saw the logs she wished she hadn’t).
* Jim Blommel and Jessie Tack for changing/creating 200+ pieces of imaging so we could get on the air with a consistent positioning statement.
* Brad Mayes and Jamie Austin who were here with Jessie until 1am dubbing music.
* Premiere Radio Networks' Big D, Bubba and their producer Patrick Thomas for their flexibility in the morning, doing more than you'd think a syndicated morning team could possibly do.
* Coleman Research's Chris Ackerman for his insight and opinion.
* A&O's Jaye Albright and Mark Patric who researched the playlist and worked that Selector multiple times to make Kat’s dream come to life.
* And my dad for driving me to the radio station every Sunday morning when I was 15….seriously, it was great to see everyone’s dedication. What an amazing group of people to work with! While we still have some tweaking to do I know that this group will get it done. I salute you all….4 paws up!

Give it a listen. I think it sounds pretty darn good, and I'll bet you've never heard anything quite like it!

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