Monday, July 02, 2007

Now, There Are THREE In The Morning Picture at K-102, Minneapolis

... as a FISH (Chris Shatek) joins the team, after a terrific stunt orchestrated by GM/Regional VP Mick Anselmo and PD Gregg Swedberg, no doubt!

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R. J. Curtis said...

The question is, will 10,000 be enough? Chris "Fish" Shatek is the brand-new morning catch at Clear Channel's KEEY (K102)/Minneapolis, and his first krazy-wacky radio stunt will be seeking 10,000 hugs by the end of summer. This attention-seeking screamer baited KEEY PD Gregg Swedberg for the job by circulating a petition at the recent Kenny Chesney show while campaigning through a bullhorn, among other things. Swedberg eventually fell for Shatek's antics hook, line and sinker, netting Shatek the job left open when John Hines swam across the hall for wake-ups at sister talker KTLK. Shatek was already in the building, too, doing nights at top 40 KDWB.